Grab Bag of Oddities

blueprint sample
Blueprint for Client: Cornu aspersum (for the exhibition Home Sweet Home at Alderney Landing Gallery, Dartmouth, NS)
"Carlotta" for the exhibition, "Monsters & Freaks"
“Carlotta” for the exhibition, “Monsters & Freaks”
fox layers flat
Foxy the Bandit
Injured Armadillo tintype
Injured Armadillo tintype
"Unknown Floating Gismo"
“Unknown Floating Gizmo”
Identity Crisis: Neither Fish Nor Fowl
Jungle Land
Jungle Land (Vacation Snaps series)
Clocktower, Inverrary Scotland
Clocktower, Inverrary Scotland (Vacation Snaps series)
tower wallace
William Wallace Tower (Vacation Snaps series)
Freeway Overpass (Vacation Snaps)
Freeway Overpass (Vacation Snaps)

Photographic Art / Digital Imagery